Technological Development

We pursue our goals right down to the micro level.
Our state-of-the-art technology is the backbone for this.

For example, manufacturing products that concern people's lives, such as safety components for automobiles, requires extraordinarily high levels of precision. We keep on pursuing precision even after we have met our customers' needs, sometimes not being satisfied until we have gone right down to the micro level. This is something else we can only do because our system makes integrated production and management possible starting from the dies. Advanced manufacturing technology and backbone support the quality Sugino Press products.

Integrated production, starting from the dies.

Our high product quality is supported by two uses of integrated production.
The first the integrated production whereby we handle the key elements of parts production, namely designing dies and producing equipment and parts, in-house. Then, there is the integrated production whereby we carry out multiple processes and manufacture parts using a single machine. This is also a pillar that supports our high product quality. In turn, this also allows us to reduce production costs and production time. A system that makes it possible for us to manufacture products which reflect our customers' needs to the maximum. This, if nothing else, can be said to be proof of our reliability.

List of patent applications

Published patent applications

Subject Application Publication
Method for forming flanges inside cylinders
Method and apparatus for pivoting by burring 1975 1981
Die for cap of suspension-type insulator
(Joint application with NGK Insulators, Ltd.)
1975 1983
Method and apparatus for forming annular protrusion parts on inner surface of pipes 1991 1997
Connection joints for coolant pipeline, and manufacturing method for same 2002 2004


Subject Disclosed
Parabolic antenna 1986
Press processing method for upper and lower housing fitting of pressure vessel
(Joint application with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Publicized utility model applications

Subject Application
Wheel chock 1975
Wheel chock equipment 1980
Bar holder 1981
Release device 1981
Bar holder Disclosed
Other 14

Publicized utility model applications (overseas)

Applications submitted in five countries (U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, Australia)

We listen to the voices of our users and reflect them in the products we manufacture.

Quality, cost, and delivery time.. These are essential elements for better product manufacturing. If just one of them is missing, you will not be possible to satisfy your customers' needs. At Sugino Press, we compare pressing, cold forging and other processes, and select the optimal form of processing to meet the quality requirements. Also, we analyze our customer's needs precisely and make a variety of suggestions, such as what kind of structure to adopt in order to reduce the cost.

Better product manufacturing, thanks to our network.

At Sugino Press, we manufacture our products using a network we have formed with three affiliated companies.
We maintain our high level of quality by handling everything, from the design and manufacture of dies to manufacturing equipment, within our own group.

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